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Construction and Contracting

The skylines of the UAE’s major cities have changed dramatically as a result of the rapid growth of construction projects. With the surge in construction activities, disputes have also increased between the various project stakeholders. Our firm can provide project owners, contractors, sub-contractors, engineers and consultants with the necessary legal assistance throughout the construction cycle to both protect and enforce their interests. In particular, we can:

  1. Prepare, review and advise on the standard contracting agreements
  2. Advise on procurement laws and practices in the UAE for government related construction projects
  3. Advise on government approval and non-objection certificate processes
  4. Provide ongoing advice during project execution on the proper compliance with contract requirements, taking into consideration the local operating environment
  5. Advise on adversarial action such as the liquidation of performance guarantees
  6. Represent clients in arbitration or litigation disputes