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Corporate Services

We aim to provide corporate counsel with all the support necessary to conduct their activities in a cost-effective and efficient manner. Our lawyers are well versed in the legal intricacies of operating in the UAE and its free zones. In addition, corporate counsel can take comfort that any advice which we provide is reflective of our extensive experience in local litigation and dispute resolution. We can undertake and advise on the following matters:

  1. The formation and licensing of companies, branches, subsidiaries and offshore companies
  2. Commercial agencies, distribution arrangements and representative offices
  3. Local acquisitions and due diligence
  4. Shareholder and joint venture agreements
  5. The dissolution of companies and the liquidation of their assets
  6. Corporate restructuring
  7. Corporate governance and regulatory compliance
  8. Real estate transactions and disputes
  9. Employment agreements, compensation, disciplinary actions and disputes
  10. The registration and protection of intellectual property
  11. Litigation, arbitration and dispute resolution services
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