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Property and Real Estate

The promulgation of local laws granting expatriates the right to purchase real estate in the various Emirates of the UAE has led to the rapid growth of the real estate sector. Since the onset of the foreign ownership laws, we have been actively involved in this sector. Indeed, our lawyers represented the first bank to offer developer trust account services. Whilst our real estate practice now encompasses these developments, we still maintain a strong landlord-tenant practice. This is especially important to our corporate clients who lease their offices and have large retail operations. We can undertake and advise our clients on the following matters

  1. The sale and purchase of real estate
  2. Serving as escrow agents in real estate transactions
  3. Homeowner association legal services
  4. The preparation and review of lease agreements
  5. The representation of clients before rent committees
  6. Evictions
  7. Litigation and arbitration disputes