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Amr El Dardery

Amr El Dardery

By In On January 28, 2020

Amr El Dardery is a legal consultant and a member of Kanaan Advocates and Legal Consultants’ litigation team in Dubai since December 2015.

A litigation specialist, Amr handles civil, commercial, labor and family matters, but his forte is real-estate and property law. In a very short time, he successfully closed more than 30 cases in front of the UAE federal courts; in two outstanding wins in front of the UAE Supreme Court, the firm’s clients were awarded compensations of respectively 10 million dirhams and 17 million dirhams in final decisions against prominent real-estate developers.

Focused on delivering high-quality submissions to the courts, Amr excels at drafting superior memoranda and settlement agreements, with a high attention to detail. He thoroughly handles the complete litigation process, with a sustained strategic outlook.

Amr graduated in 2009 from the Cairo Ain Shams University Faculty of Law, English section. He went on to work on corporate legal matters for the private sector in Egypt, before he moved to Dubai in 2014 and joined a firm specialized in litigation. He has been a member of the Egyptian Bar Association since 2011.

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