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DU-Nakheel Litigation

DU-Nakheel Litigation

By In On October 4, 2020

Dear Anneliese,

It appears that we are now able to proceed with the enforcement of the judgment. As such, we are now pursuing them very aggressively, and have taken the following actions:
– We are going to the immigration authorities to deliver the court order regarding the manager’s passport copy to them and obtain the passport copy of Ali Ahmed Lootah, in his capacity as manager of Nakheel. Once we obtain the documents, the court will ask that EITC sign an undertaking for damages that Ali Ahmad Lootah is the manager of Nakheel. We must therefore ensure that Ali Ahmad Lootah is indeed the manager of Nakheel.
– The court bailiff will proceed to Nakheel HQ to execute an attachment order against the head office of Nakheel, and the assets therein.
– We have obtained an order to attach the license of Nakheel at Trakhees, and to attach the securities of Nakheel at the public stock exchanges DFM and the Abu Securities Exchange.
– We have obtained to attach Nakheel’s vehicles at the RTA.
– We have obtained also requested information from the land department to obtain a listing of Nakheel’s real estate and land, so that we may take subsequent actions to attach them.

We have taken these actions in order to force Nakheel to issue the Final Transfer Notice. Once the Final Transfer Notice has been issued and the relevant court fees have been paid, Nakheel will be able to stop these proceedings.

Best regards,


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