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DU-Nakheel Litigation

DU-Nakheel Litigation

By In On October 19, 2020

We have taken the following enforcement actions against Nakheel:

  • Submitted an application to the courts for them to request the attendance of the new Company General Manager, Mr. Khalid Murshid Mohd Ahmed Al Shehhi and are awaiting the court’s ruling;
  • Obtained the court’s approval to attach all of Nakheel PJSC’s real estate listed with the Land Department consisting of hundreds, if not thousands, of units.
  •  Submitted a new request with Trakhees asking for an updated license to confirm whether the new manager has been registered in Nakheel’s license (to date, Trakhees has informed us of the new manager but has not updated the license);

Nakheel has deposited in court an amount of AED 41,529 representing the court fees; however, curiously they have not taken any action to try and lift the attachments.

We also have the following attachment which are ongoing:
– An attachment over their bank accounts; and
– An attachment over their commercial license.

We are also following up on our prior order to attach the physical premises of Nakheel. To date the court system shows that enforcement has not taken place, but we hope to be able to follow up directly with the court bailiffs and provide you with an update this week in this regard.

The actions which we have taken to date with respect to Nakheel would normally be very disruptive. We would have expected that Nakheel take actions to try to remove some of the attachments but they have not done so. In our experience this is indicative that there are enforcement actions are ongoing.

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